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During a digital interview held on YouTube and hosted by the Oslo Freedom Forum, an organization that safely acts under the protective wing of the Human Rights Foundation, Square CEO Jack Dorsey had only praise for Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency to date. The interview was published on September 25 and hosted by HRF president Thor Halvorssen.

Dorsey’s ideas concerned Bitcoin and its ability to provide trust in the very distressed environment that is the internet. His comments came at a point in time when more and more people are wondering if cryptocurrency can protect them against criminals through certain systems. Dorsey added that security systems will never be one hundred percent safe and regardless of how much they evolve, nefarious activities will find a way around them. However, the whole idea now is to be a few steps ahead of those ill-intended parties and hope for the best.

Concerning Twitter, Jack Dorsey’s other platform which is famously co-founded, he said that there are many ways in which users can enjoy protection from criminals. Some of those include internal self-awareness concerning security as well as helpful external insights. Good company frameworks also matter more than most people think, he added. The right security systems will provide us with more trust in this dangerous environment.

As for Bitcoin, it’s no secret that Dorsey has previously used the cryptocurrency as well as the technology surrounding it to prove that technological novelties can indeed pave the way for more security for all people. This way, trust will no longer be so talked about and nobody will have to constantly worry concerning their safety. Another good thing concerning Bitcoin, he said, is that people can hold their own access means, like keys, and be responsible for their own security.

During a later part of the online interview, the Square CEO mentioned that the entire landscape of online content is slowly but surely changed by things like decentralization and blockchain. Online content should be hosted by many parties and not by one single entity controlling everything, also for security reasons.

Both blockchain and Bitcoin speak of a future where online content is everywhere and doesn’t simply go away. Each little bit and piece of online content will always exist somewhere in there, ready to be accessed if needed.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that Jack Dorsey has spoken words of praise regarding Bitcoin. Previously, he has said that the cryptocurrency has huge potential and could definitely become a puzzle piece in changing the world as we know it.

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