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Why We Do Not Recommend Coinsquare

This honest review was written to show all traders some of the main reasons why we DO NOT RECOMMEND partnering with Coinsquare if you are involved in trading and investing. After studying their official website and taking a look at all they offer, we are convinced that this broker does not deserve to be on your list. Here is why we think that!

More about Coinsquare

Being an unauthorized broker means placing the customers at risk by revealing not just their confidential info and bank records, but also their capital. Hazardous parties can quickly obtain access to this information and create huge issues for users. After reviewing their official website, it is clear that Coinsquare is not entirely regulated. This is a major issue that is not only extremely harmful for their reputation but it’s also obvious from the way they present their offer and fees. An inexperienced customer could easily fall into their trap and this is one of the first reasons why we DO NOT RECOMMEND putting your trust in Coinsquare.

Unregulated brokers use a simple tactic to obtain people’s money and personal information. Traders are first convinced to make an immediate deposit through repetitive phone calls or e-mails, as suggested on their website. Furthermore, many promotions and offers that seem to be exceptional will be made available in order to entice people to become their prey. If you make your first deposit, you will be trapped in an endless cycle that will continue to extort money from you by promising more and more discounts and insane benefits. Most probably, Coinsquare is one of those brokers and this is why you should think twice before registering on their platform.

About the Coinsquare offer

The main Coinsquare offer is bizarre in the sense that it doesn’t offer anything special at all and it puts everything at a very basic and simple level. They claim that they can guide you when it comes to trading and investing but their fees and rules are never clear enough for them to become trustworthy, in our opinion. The whole offer is unclear because the website blinds you with a plethora of features that do not seem to have any actual basis in reality and are there just to attract potential clients.

Withdraw your funds as soon as possible

When a trader discovers that their broker is untrustworthy, the first action they can take is to withdraw their money. Keep in mind that your capital is never secure with those traders and, in most cases, you can never see it again once deposited. The issue is that XXXXX will continue to postpone your withdrawal process as much as possible in order to hold the money for a longer period of time. Six months is what it takes for them to have it permanently because, after that, you will no longer be able to seek a chargeback. Do not, under any circumstance, sign any documents they hand you!  Do not give them written permission in the form of a signature to do whatever they want with your investments! Again, we do not condone such practices, hence why this broker is NOT on our recommended list.

Expose sketchy brokers!

Telling others about your negative encounter with Coinsquare will be very beneficial. You can accomplish this by leaving real feedback about your issues with this broker on different review websites and informing your fellow traders about what occurred to you. There is also a standard tactic used by these brokers after they have been exposed as sketchy. They usually change their websites and approach former customers in order to encourage them to become “victims” once more. If this happens to you, do not be afraid to expose them and make the world aware of who they are!

Why we DO NOT RECOMMEND Coinsquare

Clearly, as written above, we DO NOT RECOMMEND Coinsquare because it’s definitely one of those unregulated, bizarre, and potentially dangerous online trading brokers that may run away with your money never to be seen again. Be sure that you thoroughly verify every such broker that you think of contacting and that you always read honest and real reviews about them. Do not fall into the trap that so many have fallen into before you! If you’ve also had bad experiences with Coinsquare, please tell us your story down below and help others avoid going through the same ordeal.

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  • johnson tapper
    Posted May 16, 2021 10:32 pm

    I agree with reviews 100%. This is a scam and I can’t believe the fact that some people actually buy into it. I get numerous messages from the affiliates……or maybe one affiliate who pretends to be several different people…… Saying the same thing, guarantee to make money etc. It’s an investment for Gods sake, how can it be guaranteed? I know doesn’t exist but even if it still did I wouldn’t invest in an unknown currency like that. This is an absolute utter s**t.

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