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During a recent interview, the CEO of the crypto exchange Binance’s United States branch Catherine Coley said that going forward, the willingness to adopt cryptocurrencies might be one of the few ways in which companies might strive during this ongoing global pandemic.

According to her, crypto can be also used beyond speculation and can provide investors with the possibility to create new businesses, engage in e-commerce transactions, and even help with physical things like mortgages.

She also stated that creating any company within the next few years and not even considering digital currencies means being extremely ignorant. This is why, going forward, companies should take advantage of what cryptocurrencies have to offer. One of its clear advantages is that, with crypto, money talk has become a lot more palatable even for the average person while professionals in traditional finance have become a lot more invested too.

Coley said that the crypto industry has branches that can reach a completely different audience than traditional finance. Especially during a pandemic, crypto can help you stay in and still buy the things you need without having to worry about getting sick.

Catherine Coley has been the CEO of Binance.US since last year. Recently, Binance.US announced that regulatory issues have finally been cleared and that its operations are to be extended to Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. The exchange might become open to United States traders by next year.

Moreover, earlier this month, Crypto exchange giant Binance has made the official announcement that the Binance Visa Card is now available for everyone to use in the European Economic Areas. Initially, the rollout was announced in July. It’s worth expanding on the fact that crypto cards can help users preload their accounts with cryptocurrencies. The process continues then as the digital currencies are converted into real money and can then be used as a form of payment at any retail location.

When it comes to Binance, whenever you wish to pay, the money will be taken directly from your trading account. Their new card is powered by Swipe and works exactly like your old debit card. The only difference is that you won’t be holding fiat on it but cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, SXP, BNB, and BUSD. This can definitely be considered a huge step forward, especially in the context of money digitalization. It’s the easiest way in which more people can be introduced to crypto because the whole process doesn’t differ too much from the basic one. You will still use a card and you will still pay for whatever you wish to buy only you won’t actually pay with real money but with digital currencies.

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