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Dexland needs its customers to be able to purchase and sell cryptocurrency quickly and securely, without having to worry about any security issues. This exchange ensures that all clients’ confidential and financial details are shielded from potentially risky individuals, and that your digital money will never inadvertently enter another individual’s account.

Dexland claims to do all in its capacity as a well-known crypto-oriented exchange network to please its clients, both fresh and established, when it comes to a good cryptocurrency exchange experience. This website enables anybody, regardless of their ability, to buy and sell cryptocurrency. This is also why the app is so user-friendly and has such a clean interface. All can make card and wire payments, as well as use a recently opened OTC desk to enable larger transactions.

How do I start trading on Dexland?

Beginning trading on Dexland is extremely simple, especially considering that signing up for them just takes seconds.

  • To start, go to the top of the website and click on the Sign-Up tab, then complete the form you receive with your personal details. Create a good password and avoid making any errors because this information is crucial for your safety on this exchange.
  • Then you must adhere to their Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and check that you are of legal age. After this brief procedure, you will be able to begin trading cryptocurrency.

More on Dexland and the safety it provides

Dexland strongly encourages safety and the surprisingly long time it takes for the cryptocurrency to enter your virtual wallet demonstrates the degree of security that they have.  This is since, before entering the wallet, both the cryptocurrency as well as your data and bank information must be carefully checked. You just can’t purchase cryptocurrencies until you first have a color copy of your papers. Before making a larger purchase, you will be asked to sign a KYC contract so that the platform is assured that you will uphold your end of the deal.

Dexland also collaborates with some of the best crypto miners in the world, making it one of the most trustworthy platforms at the moment. It’s also worth noting that this exchange, for the time being, only accepts transactions using Bitcoin and Ethereum. Fortunately, the long-term aim is to gradually integrate all of the most famous cryptocurrencies to provide clients with an even more comprehensive experience.

What are the costs of exchanging on Dexland?

Dexland is not a costly exchange for what it does and the speed at which transactions run on it. According to the official site, the exchange rate on Dexland is an estimate determined from the values of both the exchanges and the miners. The justification for this is to provide consumers with the best exchange rate achievable by not raising the rates.

Furthermore, the exchange rate for your order will be calculated then once you’ve fulfilled it. This means that you won’t know it for sure until it’s been completely processed and you’ve submitted the money.

According to the official Dexland website, the exchange fee is 4.7 % plus VAT. If you scroll down a bit, you can see the buying and selling prices for ETH and BTC on Dexland’s landing page.

How do I obtain the crypto from Dexland?

The first aspect that everybody must note is that your newly-bought cryptocurrency will never arrive instantly. This is clearly not a possibility since the cryptocurrency must first be removed from stock markets before the sale can be verified by the bank. As a result, it could take up to five days to have your virtual pocket full of them. It’s also worth remembering that an order can only be canceled before it’s accepted. Cancellation is no longer available until the order has been completed and the bill has been submitted.

To wrap it all up, Dexland is one of those online crypto-focused exchanges that is simple enough for people to work with without issues but, at the same time, it’s professional and safe. So, don’t be fooled by their clean website and don’t consider it basic or useless. On the contrary, Dexland tries to do everything in its power to help all customers.

You can start exchange now HERE

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