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Exchange Point introduces itself as the gateway to cryptocurrency trading and a means for people to share a common vision and community while doing something they love: trading cryptocurrency. Their conviction is that decentralized cryptocurrencies are rapidly transforming the way our society functions and that real currency will quickly become much scarcer than it is now.

They believe that versatility equals complexity, and their key mission is to provide clients with an exceptional crypto trading experience that exceeds all expectations. It’s all about trading quickly, conveniently, and safely with them. This article will provide you with more specifics about what Exchange Point has to sell and what you can expect from this online crypto-based broker if you wish to jump on its bandwagon.

More details on Exchange Point

Exchange Point is a fully digital platform. As soon as a customer’s payment is checked, the cryptocurrencies are automatically delivered to them. This technology allows the broker to offer the best and most effective service in the industry to its clients. The team delivers an incredibly simple app, very favorable exchange rates, and consistent transactions. Their platform and facilities have been designed to follow the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in order to provide all users with a satisfactory level of personal data protection.

The Exchange Point team is professional, skilled, and committed to everything related to crypto. Waypoint Ventures OÜ, the platform’s EU majority owner, manages and runs Exchange Point as a crypto-only portal. It has two permits from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit and claims to be the simplest way to buy cryptocurrencies using only a credit/debit card. You can check your account using their quick and simple KYC method to gain access to trading on more than 50 cryptocurrency pairs. To begin, make a deposit using any big cryptocurrency or your Mastercard or VISA debit/credit card.

How to start trading crypto

On Exchange Point, the whole procedure is incredibly simple, and we will describe it quickly so that everyone understands it completely. The first move is to go to the broker’s official website and click on the blue Register button at the top right of the page. Following that, you must create an account by entering your personal information and creating a hard-to-guess password. The whole registration process is very straightforward, and it only takes a minute to conclude.

Following that, you must validate your newly created account. Once you’ve activated it, you’ll need to answer a few basic questions as part of the risk management survey. The next move is to upload color copies of your personal records, an absolutely necessary step. This is only for authentication purposes, so the broker can recognize you and keep all the data secure.  If you wish to make a deposit, you will also need to have proof of identity and proof of address, as well as a copy of your credit/debit card, with the middle four digits hidden, for security reasons. Eventually, you will be able to finance your account with whatever form of currency you choose. You will be contacted by e-mail after your account has been thoroughly checked, at which point you may begin trading.

Can I trust Exchange Point with my funds and data?

Exchange Point is a company from Estonia with a financial service operating license that covers areas such as virtual and fiat currency exchange and a virtual wallet. Exchange Point works hard to make sure that they fully obey all applicable laws and regulations, regardless of their clients’ residence or origin.

So, indeed, Exchange Point is a fully-regulated cryptocurrency broker that you can trust your money and personal details with. Exchange Point puts a high emphasis on privacy. They only use the most trustworthy exchanges which are safeguarded by the most trusted cybersecurity service operators. Exchange Point takes security extremely seriously and all consumers can be sure that their sensitive information will never be compromised.

What about Exchange Point’s fees and offer?

There are no automatic fees associated with using Exchange Point’s services and/or digital wallet. When transferring cryptocurrencies from or to Exchange Point’s virtual wallets, network transaction costs, miner fees, and other processing fees are incurred. To cover these costs, the broker charges a standard 0.2 percent fee per loan. When uploading cryptocurrency to an external wallet, the minimum transfer prices are immediately applied. The official website explicitly displays all of the minimum transfer rates.

When it comes to the Exchange Point fees, you will see them all before you make any exchanges. The exchange rate for trading cryptocurrency through an account, on the other hand, is determined by the spread for each cryptocurrency as it appears on the official Exchange Point website, which is influenced by the size of the trade, market uncertainty, and other market variables. When trading fiat currency (USD/EURO) for cryptocurrency, the broker charges a 5% fee and a 1% one when exchanging one crypto for another.

You can trade cryptocurrencies using Exchange Point’s web-based portal as well as their mobile app, enabling you to remain one step ahead of the competition when moving around, regardless of where you actually are. The web-based platform needs no downloading or installation and is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as all current-generation machines. The mobile app is free to download from every Android or iOS app store and can be accessed with only a decent web connection and a mobile device such as a tablet or any kind of smartphone.


Overall, it’s important to note that Exchange Point explicitly shows their Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions Page, and AML Policy on the official website, encouraging openness for their customers. This is a very intriguing crypto-based online broker that does everything within the capacity to provide its customers with secure, fast, and efficient trading services at all times.

This broker only allows USD and EUR as fiat currencies, but there are over 50 crypto pairs to choose from, including the most common ones. To finance your Exchange Point account with fiat currency, go to the My Wallets section, choose the wallet you want to fund, and then press on Deposit. A new window will open and you must pick your deposit type and fill out a form, including the amount you want to transfer. Then pick the Add Funds option. Visit the official website for more information about how Exchange Point can help you accomplish your goals.

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