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Educational platform FinAcademy, which specializes in trading courses and webinars, among other useful services, has recently launched its new and more complex official website. With a fresh look and a user-friendly interface, the newly-designed website promises people to guide them through every service and offer answers to their every question in a new and easy way. The academy has also added a plethora of new services to the ones that have already helped hundreds of students. Here are some of its new categories and the services that FinAcademy offers.

The Tutoring tabs

The Tutoring tab on the new FinAcademy website is easily accessible on the top area of it, like all the other tabs. It contains useful information concerning some of the academy’s main educational services like their trading courses (which come in three packages), trading webinars (which are free and now scheduled for the months of February and March), and their e-books, which are free of charge and accessible everywhere.

The Trading tabs

Moving on to the Trading tab, another newly-introduced category on the FinAcademy website, we find two very important services: the live trading rooms and the trading signals. The first is free of charge and allows people to select a specific room and watch the academy’s professors trade live and explain their secrets. The trading signals service refers to the students’ possibility to use their public Telegram channel and receive daily trading signals.

The Market Events tab

This specific tab contains the latest news and updates in the form of short written articles and an economic calendar with all the important upcoming events that might interest you.

Finally, students can also subscribe to FinAcademy’s Market Outlook through a form as well as to their monthly Newsletter. The Testimonials tab presents former students’ honest opinions regarding the academy and what it offers while the Contact Us tab allows everyone to write to the team concerning any issue or regarding any question that they might have.

FinAcademy awaits new students

FinAcademy hopes that people will find the new website redesign refreshing and intuitive. Also, the team wishes everyone who is interested in learning about trading to take a look and see whether or not their services suit you.

FinAcademy’s main goal is to help people become the best traders that they can be because nobody was born with knowledge and accepting that is the first step towards gaining it.

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