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This online broker is mainly focused on fulfilling the wishes and needs of all of their customers, experienced or not-so-experienced. Their belief is that everyone can learn as they trade and that a broker should always do everything to aid its clients in every way possible. Royal Noble Group focuses mainly on CFD and cryptocurrency trading and investing and offers everyone the possibility to access the global markets with just a few clicks. It has an important footprint and it’s always trying to improve and become even more professional for the people that jump on their bandwagon. In this short review, we will be offering more information on the Royal Noble Group’s complex trading platforms and their benefits. Here we go!

The complex trading platforms of Royal Noble Group

Before diving deep into their three separate trading platforms, it’s mandatory to mention that all of them are incredibly easy to trade on, they have been built on a very technologically-advanced basis, and will keep your funds and personal info completely safe from any outside dangers.

  • Royal Noble Group Basic Web Trader – this may be quite a simplistic and super easy-to-use web trading platform but that is precisely what makes it so great. It’s nothing too fancy or advanced but it does precisely what a trader would like it to. Firstly, in order to use it, you won’t have to either download or install any program on your computer. The trader is web-based so you will only need an updated online browser and a good internet connection to use it. This trader comes with the basic features of any other such platform but it also offers traders multilingual support that’s available 24/7 via phone or e-mail.
  • Sirix Web Trader – with a very intuitive interface, the Sirix-based web trader from Royal Noble Group is truly one of a kind. It was created based on the newest technologies available and therefore might seem a little bit more complex for beginners, especially in comparison with the aforementioned classic web trader. All of the necessary setups concerning your account can be done with just a few clicks and you won’t have to download and install any client to do so. Staying one step ahead of the global markets is super easy because this web trader allows everyone to access their trading progress, account, and balance from anywhere. You will have access to all of the available assets and you will be able to run it regardless if you have a Windows or Mac machine. Some of the Sirix web trader’s benefits include the possibility for instant executions, to open and/or close pending orders, you can manage risks, establish limits, see the prices, fill the rates, do orders, see live quotes and read the hottest news.
  • Mobile trading app – last but not least, the Royal Noble Group mobile trading app is completely free and available for download from any app store, be it Android or iOS. With it, you can do exactly what you could if you were using one of the above web traders but on the go. It doesn’t have bugs, it’s fast, and it offers you the feeling that you have all of your trading endeavors at the tip of your fingers, at all times. And that is the real satisfaction.

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