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As most of you may have already noticed, the cryptocurrency market is not only flourishing but there are a lot of new cryptocurrencies that are becoming popular providing opportunities for new and seasoned traders alike. One of those cryptocurrencies is Binance Coin which, since the beginning of the year, it registered a 642.12% increase. Experts are now anticipating yet another massive growth for this fairly new crypto. Here are some of the reasons why this could indeed happen in 2021.

The future of Binance Coin

At the beginning of this year, Binance Coin has a price of just $40.2 and it is now standing tall at $274.19, which is phenomenal growth. On February 19 it was even higher, standing at $342.88. Because of this increase, Binance Coin has become a focal point for crypto experts and enthusiasts.

This crypto has a bright future ahead and that is mostly due to the amazing rally that made it the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world right now with a market cap that’s around $42,665,604,801. However, the crypto owns a large part of its increasing popularity to its exchange, the platform called Binance Exchange. This one is also one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the world.

BNB is unique and safe

The interesting fact about Binance Coin is that it’s the only crypto that offers traders discounts when they use it to buy other cryptocurrencies, only on Binance Exchange. This unique benefit comes in the form of coupons that people receive when paying fees. This amazing feature not only helps and attracts traders but also helps build a community and increases the value of BNB in the process. It’s also worth mentioning that people can use BNB everywhere else and they are not bound to the Binance Exchange in any way.

Speaking of this exchange, we must say that it is one of the safest and most secure on the market right now which is probably why it has become so popular. The famous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanism is legendary and probably the most highly-secured protocol in the world.

Another super safe and easy-to-use crypto exchange is Dexland. According to their official website, Dexland is your friend when it comes to purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies easily, securely, and in only a few easy steps that everyone can accomplish. The company also promises some of the highest deals available as well as quick transaction processing. They are a platform that buys and sells cryptocurrency and aims to provide their customers with the best options possible, such as wire transfers and credit card transfers. Dexland’s staff is an extremely skilled one that aims to deliver the best crypto exchange environment to anybody looking for a simple and safe solution. Their official website will offer you more info in case you are interested.

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